Decorative pillows

Linen Cushion - Rose - 30x50cm

100% Linen Cushion...


Linen Cushion - Charcoal - 45x45cm

100% Linen Cushion...


Decorative pillows online: you want ‘em, we got ‘em.

In spades, actually. In so many different amazing designs you’re almost spoiled for choice. Want a muted, mellow decorative pillow to complement your classic décor? We got what you need. After a more daring, fun little pillow to grab the attention of anyone who dares enter your living space? We’ve got those too!

So why all the fuss over decorative pillows?

Consider this: wouldn’t decorative pillows for your sofa perfectly disguise that soda stain you don’t want your roommate/mom/husband to know about? And wouldn’t those decorative pillows on the couch then make your living room a thousand times prettier? We thought so.

But hey: it turns out, these aren’t just for the sofa.

Yup—ours are the perfect addition to any bed, armchair, picnic in the park, or pillow fort. Sounds like you’ll need a lot of them then, right? Luckily, we’ve got a massive range of different distinctive, bold and quirky prints, and we reckon we’ve got the perfect one for any occasion.

Okay, you found the perfect look and wondering where to from here. We know, we know. Buying online is sometimes stressful. After all, you can’t see them in person, so how are you meant to know if it’s going to look great on your couch?

Well never fear, because we guarantee that whatever your needs are (we assume they’re extensive) we’ve got just what you need; we’re going to get it shipped to you quicker than you can say “Bob’s your uncle”, and if you need any extra handholding, we promise ours aren’t sweaty. You can reach one of our friendly team members at +61 3 9824 0485 and we’ll answer any questions you’ve got. Choosing the right pillows has never been easier!