Penny Round Rug Fancy

100% Jute Rug...

$149.00 $118.00

Adamas Rug

100% Woven Cotton Rug...

$195.00 $78.00

Ojo De Dios Blue Rug

Woven Cotton rug...

$350.00 $278.00

Harlequin Rug

Woven cotton rug...

$350.00 $140.00

Pablo Rug

Wool rug...

$695.00 $278.00

Spotty Snake Rug 120 x 120cm

Woo / Cotton Rug...

$295.00 $118

Block Printed Rug

Woven cotton rug...

$350.00 $140.00

Ojo de Dios Red Rug

100% cotton multi-colour woven rug with tassel trim....

$350.00 $140.00

Styles suited for every space! The best rug is the one you love, and we’re pretty sure we’ve got it. How do we know? Because if you’re here, you were always meant to be … plus, our range is very comprehensive. Our rugs lay the foundation for personal design that works in real homes. Durable, stain resistant, and – most importantly – designed from scratch in our Melbourne studio, where we test-run every style! It’s not fit for your home until it’s fit for our studio! That said, we love variety – so whether you’re after a bold statement floor piece or a scaled-back natural mat, you’ll find it online at Arro Home. And did we mention they’re oh-so-comfortable?

What sort of designer area rugs do we have online?

Our collection features rich weaves, patchwork patterns, and classic tassels alongside bold colours and clean, minimalist designs. The Arro Home range is a diverse collection, but each item all has something in common: each one is made using the highest quality fabrics. We have rugs in rich, luscious wool, durable woven cotton, and delightfully tactile jute – all in a satisfying range of shapes and sizes. Whether you live in a poky apartment or have a massive space to fill, we have the perfect piece for you. We’ve made sure to only create the best designer area rugs you’ll find for sale online, so you can fill your home with goodness – top to bottom and all year around!

You found your ideal designer rugs for sale? Here’s what to do next

Congrats, you made it! Now be sure you snap it up by placing it in your shopping cart. If you’re still not sold on your favourite, be sure to check out our rugs made of wool and woven cotton, and our very special kilim rugs. We offer shipping throughout Australia, so there’s no logistical nightmares in your rug-purchasing future!