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Bedside Tables

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Ah, the bedside table. If a piece of furniture could win a MVP award, we think it should go to the bedside table. Because the humble bedside table is there for you. Sunday morning coffees in bed, reading under a bedside lamp, your alarm clock waking you up in time for work (unfortunately)…the side table has you covered. Good thing we’ve got a bunch of cute ones. In fact, whether your tastes steer minimal or trendy, we’ve got just the bedside table for you.

Because, come on: the bed is the only place you actually want to be when you’re at home, and you need that bedside table for all your breakfast in bed, phone-charging station, book-resting, and lamp-holding needs. Obviously you need one that’s durable as well as stylish. So we’ve found the best, hardiest materials, and paired them with designs that will make your heart sing.

Ok, you’ve found the right bedside table for you, but you’re feeling stressed about buying it online without seeing it first. Hey, we get it: how are you meant to know if it’s going to work in your bedroom? Well, don’t stress, because it will. Trust your instincts, this bedside table is calling to you for a reason! But if your gut isn’t persuasive enough, how about this: not only are we going to get it shipped to you as quick as humanly possible, we’re also only a phone call away and we’re happy to put any of those niggling doubts to rest. You can reach one of our friendly team members at +61 3 9824 0485 and we’ll answer any and all questions you might have. Who knew buying a bedside table online could be so easy?