4 Storage Ideas for Small Apartments

July 8, 2015

Love your one-bedroom apartment but having some regrets about choosing a home with no storage space? Yup. We’ve all been there. While downsizing is nice, it can be difficult to find room for all of your stuff. What to do? Create some storage space of your own! With a few clever bits of furniture and an open-minded approach to hanging things from the ceiling (just kidding, sort of), your belongings will be tucked away in no time. Ready to get started? Then here are our 5 favourite storage ideas for small apartments.

Under the bed storage boxes

There’s a big difference between (a) shoving your belongings under the bed like a teenager and (b) putting your belongings in boxes that you slide under the bed lovingly. Under the bed storage boxes are easy to find, affordable options for stowing your stuff. What to put in the boxes? Try to keep it to light items that won’t be a pain to drag out across the floor. If you’re low on wardrobe space, then consider putting half your wardrobe (your winter or your summer season) in clothes bags and then keeping them under the bed. Spare doona covers or sheet sets are also great to store under the bed when they’re not living on the mattress.

Use soft, colourful storage baskets

When there are limits on space and you need a place to throw odd bits and bobs, then baskets are an obvious solution. But before you start crowding your rooms with ugly laundry hampers or ye olde hessian sacks, take a second to think about how they’ll work in the space! When you’re choosing a storage basket, go for something semi-sturdy, semi-soft – ideally made from canvas or heavy linen. That way it’ll squeeze up and fold away when it’s not needed, and expand when you’re stuffing it full of dirty clothes!

Buy furnishings with built in storage

The best storage ideas for small apartments, or any teeny spaces, are the ones that feel less like “storage solutions” and more like smart home design. Furnishings with drawers, lids, and hidden nooks will do wonders at keeping your belongings while you use them for other, more enjoyable purposes. One of our favourites in the “furniture that stores your stuff” category is the sturdy, hollowed out coffee table with a lid. It’s perfect for storing anything and everything out of sight, and it’s easy to access. A few too many Arro Home throw cushions? No worries: just store them away neatly in your lidded ottoman or couch!

Floor to ceiling bookshelves

If you own more books than your local library, a floor to ceiling bookcase is an obvious storage solution. For those of you who are handy with the tools (and who live in an apartment where you’re free to attack the walls), then installing floor to ceiling shelving is a do-able DIY task. We love the advice over at ikeahackers, but there are plenty of less chipboard-focused ideas to be found. If you don’t own a ton of books, then full wall shelving can still be useful. Just grab a few clean, simple boxes that fit the shelves, or some colourful glass tumblers if that’s more your style, and BAM: you’ve got a secret spot for any small bits and pieces.

Making smart use of teeny spaces doesn’t have to be difficult! If you’ve got any of your storage ideas for small apartments (or any photos of your own storage genius), then be sure to let us know about it on twitter, instagram, or Facebook.