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Re-Use Your Old Tea Towels: 5 Crafty Tips

May 7, 2015

If you’ve just updated your kitchen with some of our Arro Home tea towels, you might be wondering what to do with your stock of ragged oldies. Sure, you could chuck them out, but where’s the fun in that? Nowhere! We love to get a bit crafty with our old home wares, so here a few ideas when it comes to salvaging your tea towels.

tea towels

Make a rope toy for your canine buddy

Got a dog who likes to chew things? Or a cat with a super strong jaw (kind of like ours)? Cut your old tea towels up into shreds and use the fabric to make a pull rope. They’ll be entertained and you’ll feel like a model dog owner. Everyone’s winning. There’s an easy how-to over at Making it Home and, if your attempt is a success, then we’d love to see some photographic evidence over at twitter!

Turn them into placemats

If your tea towels aren’t too haggard and you’re keen on the pattern, then it’s time to get a bit crafty. We’re pretty keen on the instructions over at this nice blog – just replace “fabric” with “tea towel” and you’re all set. Once you’re done, all you have to do is grab the napkins, set down the cutlery, and sit down to a bowl of something delicious with your brand (kind of) new tableware. Meanwhile, if we’ve just got you thinking about placemats, but you’re not so keen on making them yourself, there’s a little something you might want to see.

Keep them aside for carpet spills

There’s nothing worse than spilling coffee or wine on a new or long-loved rug. Sadly, though, it does eventually happen to all of us. To avoid the worst, have an emergency rug repair kit on standby – featuring, of course, your trusty old tea towels. They’re designed to soak up liquid and, unlike paper towels, won’t just melt away sadly into the mess. Remember to dab and not to scrub – it’s a rule for a reason!

Use them to protect ceramics

If your approach to home design is anything like ours, you like to change things up. This means that vases and ceramics are sometimes bathing in the living room limelight, and sometimes sitting in the storage cupboard, waiting for the day when you will use them again. While they wait, it’s a good idea to keep them protected – which is where those tea towels come in. Use them as a protect layer of wrapping and you’ll protect your home wares from dust, chips, and tiny, annoying scratches.

Make a plastic bag holder, nana-style!

If you’re handy with a sewing needle and keen on channeling some Martha Stewart, then turn those tea towels into a completely new kitchen accessory: the plastic bag holder! Some would call this nana-like, but we don’t really care. Nana was onto something.