Pillow Perfection: Choosing the Right One

May 5, 2015

Simple life truth: the perfect pillowcase is nothing without the perfect pillow. Sounds obvious, right? But that doesn’t make choosing the right pillow easy. When it comes to bedroom, we’ve all got different needs – whether those needs are a matter of stylistic preference or a matter of getting to sleep when you’ve got a really bad back. When we’re talking “perfect pillows” (which, coincidentally, is terrible pillow talk) we’re talking the perfect pillows for your body and bedroom. To help you find that heavenly match, we’ve done a bit of a run down of 4 common types.


A feathered pillow is as classic as a good woollen rug – the sort of thing that you can rely on to work in most bedrooms. They’re soft, they’re relaxed, and they breathe – so your face won’t get all hot and sweaty. That said, the softness can be a problem if you like a bit of height beneath your head (which is particularly important for those of us who sleep on our sides or backs). If you tend to sleep on your stomach, feather pillows are ideal. Just remember to give them a fluff every now and then.


Memory Foam

If the term “memory foam” sounds a bit high-tech, that’s probably because it was invented for use by astronauts, who sat on memory foam chairs during their ascent into space. In other words, this pillow’s origins are kind of geeky. The name has to do with the fact that the foam will shape itself to suit your head and neck; it’s still soft but it won’t flatten or shift in the same way as feather pillows. If you’re the type of sleeper who tosses and turns through the night, a memory foam pillow might not be the best option. But if you’re looking for firm neck support, it may just be a winner.



Pillows made of wool (and sometimes blended with synthetic or natural fibres) are firmer than feather pillows but softer than foam or latex. I.e. they’re reliable all rounders in the bedroom. If you tend to sleep hot and spend your nights pushing your doona to the ground, wool pillows are a super option. They breathe in a way that synthetic pillows won’t, and they don’t hang onto moisture – so you won’t find yourself sleeping on a pillow that’s slightly damp with your night time sweat!

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Contoured Latex

If you’re looking for a pillow that’s firm and supportive, you might want to check out contoured latex foam. These pillows are shaped to suit particular back and neck needs, which can be amazing – but not every type of contoured pillow will work for you. Take some time to look around. Latex pillows also do a great job of repelling dust mites and general grime – so if you’re plagued by allergies, they’re an excellent option.