Arro Home Spotlight: Otto Cat Cushion

August 13, 2017

Each week at Arro Home we’re shining the spotlight on an Arro Home favourite. This week it’s Otto Cat, our favourite velvet cat cushion! Otto’s been with us for a few years and he’s evolved from a mono-coloured black beauty to a pink, grey, yellow-eyed, whiskered beauty. If there’s one Arro piece we could keep around forever, it’d be this fella for sure!

It’s a British Shorthair in Cat Cushion form!


The Otto Classic

Fun fact: the inspiration behind the Otto cat cushion is a real life British Shorthair, also named Otto.

All in Grey

Our Matte Grey Otto

Our Matte Grey Otto

Potentially our stylingest Otto creation! This (almost) monochrome Otto is the most refined velvet cat cushion.

Trendy, trendy pink Otto

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 12.04.30 pm

Otto in Pink

Can you say insta-cat? The rose pink Otto has grown on us!

If you’re after an Otto cat cushion of your own, check them out right here!