Moving House: Making it Feel like Home

April 23, 2015

Moving into a new house can often feel a bit weird. It takes a while to discover little peculiarities and even longer to get used to them. Maybe a cupboard door needs to be lifted slightly before it will close, or a sliding door won’t actually slide unless you push it gently forward. While we wait for ourselves to grow used to the house, and for the house to grow used to us, there are a few tips that can help to make the place feel like home.



There’s nothing like stark walls and bare floors to make your new house feel as homely as a cold museum. As you move your furniture into place and unpack boxes, everything will start to feel more normal. But if you want to speed up the process of getting comfortable, find yourself some plants. A simple vase full of flowers is somehow able to make a space feel less foreign, and when you’re spending a few days unwrapping ceramics from newspaper, it can be refreshing to spot a fern or flax from the corner of your eye.


Just as your eyes will take a while to get used to unusual paint and foreign tiles, your nose will take its time getting used to the way your house smells. An easy way to make the house feel more familiar is to give that nose some smells it’ll recognise – like the lasagne you’ve been making every Tuesday for the past three years, or the take away you buy twice a fortnight. Once you’re done unpacking, we recommend chucking on one of our aprons or dialling for some take out. The scent will fill your nostrils, flood your hallways, and have you feeling at home.


This one sounds contradictory, but sometimes when you fill a house with nothing but your old furniture, you become hyper-aware of how strange the new environment is. Instead of trying to replicate the style of your old home, treat yourself to a few new bits and pieces. It can be as simple as one of our quirky cushions or as defining as a bold new rug, as long as it’s something that makes you want to be in the space.


If you’re moving to a new house but staying in the same old town, you’ll probably have the benefit of friends. Invite people over for dinner or have them round for drinks. If you lost some glassware in the moving process (it happens to all of us), then pick up a funky new set of tumblers and fill them with housewarming wine. There’s nothing like cleaning merlot out of carpet to make a house feel like home.

If you’ve moved to a whole new part of the world and you don’t yet know enough people to throw a housewarming, frame some photos of family and friends to hang on your walls and leave in your bedroom and lounge room. When you wake up in the middle of the night confused about where you are, it’ll help to see a familiar face!