Making New Homewares Work In Your Home

April 23, 2015

Classic annoying situation: you spend hours picking out a rug for your living room or a doona for your bed, only to get home, lay it out, and think, “well, that’s going back to the store”. Before you start stuffing your new homewares back into their mailbags, take a minute (or a week) to try out a few of these tips:



A doona cover’s not made for the dining table; a rug’s not meant to be rolled hurriedly over the bed. Before you can make a truly informed decision, you’ve got to see your new homewares in the right environment. That means dragging couches and floor cushions around the living room to make space for your new rug, and then dragging the furniture back onto it, just as nature intended.


If it’s still not looking as good as you’d imagined, it might have less to do with the rug or the doona and more to do with the room full of mugs, gym shorts, and mail. Chuck dirty laundry in a stylish canvas basket, collect scattered papers in a simple ceramic bowl, and get rid of the dishes. You don’t have to actually clean-clean, but it will help if you clear some of the clutter.


The worst thing you can do if you’re not sure about a purchase is to stare at it and stare at it as though it might change. Take a break from the styling (and the staring), grab a mug of tea, and step outside of the house. Later, when you return, you’ll be able to see the room and the homewares in a completely new light.


So, it’s probably not the easiest thing to return a doona cover once you’ve slept with it for a week, or to re-sell your rug after your cat’s made it into a bed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t test out your homewares. Once you’ve laid the product out, cleaned up the rest of the room, and taken a break from home-styling, it’s time for a test drive – i.e. watching TV on the living room couch or reading a book on your doona. If your bed’s normally covered in bedspreads and cushions, then make sure they’re there for the test run. We’re aiming for a situation that’s as close to normal as possible.


By now you are either basking in the glow of newly acquired designer homewares or… you’re not. If your doona still looks awkward, or your rug is feeling wrong, then you mayhave been right in the first place. Our commiserations. On the bright side, at least you’ve just learned a lesson in what not to buy. And if that’s not consolation enough, maybe you’ll find some comfort in searching for a rug or doona cover that does work in your home. Every disappointing failure brings you a step closer to home design bliss, we promise.