Making your Bedroom Feel Bigger

May 4, 2015

No one needs a bedroom that feels like a closet. It’s bad for the psyche and for a good night’s rest. Still, sometimes we have to make do with teeny sleep time spaces. Good news: that doesn’t mean we’re doomed. Is there anything we can do to make our bedroom feel ever-so-slightly more spacious? Of course!

Start with the floor

If the floor space leaves a lot to be desired (i.e. about 5 square metres), then you’re going to want to avoid a few things: huge amounts of mess; huge amounts of furniture; and hugely bare floorboards and carpets. Let’s just assume you’ve got the first few under control and move straight along to the floors. It might sound counterintuitive, but it can really help to put a warm rug under your bed or a simple mat under your drawers or desk. It breaks up the space and detracts attention from the fact that there are so few floorboards.

Then move to the walls

Whenever you’re designing a room it’s important to think about the space as a whole. In other words, take your eyes to the ceiling and think about what you can do to draw attention upwards. If you’ve been blessed with big, high windows, then framing them with some colourful curtains will pull the eyes away from the small room. A tall, broad bookcase or high shelves can also make the room feel bigger – as well as genuinely providing more space for your things. If you don’t actually have too many books or knick knacks to store in the room, lift the space by hanging a framed poster or the image of a work that gets you inspired.

Fit out your bed

Small bedrooms work well when their contents are distributed unevenly. In other words, consider keeping most of the room sparse and then getting creative with the bed. Just as quality cotton sheets lay a foundation for comfort, your doona will lay a strong stylistic foundation – especially in a room that’s relatively small. Chose a cover that you properly love and then get a bit busy with pillows, cushions, and bedspreads, piling them up and adding height. The bed’s a place for comfort and by making it look inviting and full you’re guaranteed to add depth to your room.

Choose your décor wisely

Clutter is rarely a good thing, but in a teeny tiny bedroom it can be especially disastrous. As well as making some smart decisions about storage (think boxes under the bed, simple cabinets, and stylish canvas baskets), it’s important to think about what you’ll keep out on display. If you’re the type of person who constantly has a bunch of flowers in the bedroom, then your feature piece might be a colourful vase. A collection of retro tumblers might be huddled together to hold stationery. Or you might choose a few cheerful ceramics. Keep it simple and it’s bound to work.