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Tasty Kitchen Colour Schemes

July 15, 2015

Kitchen design, like food design, starts with one simple principle: we all eat with our eyes. Whether your ideal kitchen space looks as clean and fresh as a summer salad or as jam-packed and colourful as a cupcake tower, you’ll love these kitchen colour schemes.

50 (or 3) Shades of Grey

In the past, the colour grey received a pretty harsh rap. But times are changing, grey is rising, and kitchens are the big winners. Using varying shades of grey tones will add an amazing depth of light to any space – which is especially great in a kitchen, where poor light can spell disaster! Rich charcoals on the wall will swallow signs of mess, and lighter greys on bench tops make the room bright and the work space user-friendly. Covering a feature wall with charcoal-coloured chalk board paint is a great way to combine colour scheme excellence with a touch of the practical – especially if you’re the lucky owner of over-committed children. Use white chalk to schedule their lives on your kitchen wall, and it’ll be pretty much in keeping with the colour scheme!

Delicious Pastel Tones

There’s a bit of a trick to using pastels in the kitchen. While they tend to work well together, they almost always look better when there’s a non-pastel base. If you’re after evidence, just do a quick google search of pastel kitchens! White borders or bench top surfaces help to highlight colour and unify the space. If

you’re feeling bold, then forget the white and shoot for a monotone colour block of pastel, as seen in some of the excellent green kitchens over here. If you’re looking to pair two pastels then try for one bolder colour, like yellow or green, and one softer colour, like pale pink or cream. Our vases are a good example!

The Neutrals 

A colour that looks neutral in one house might look like a big bold statement in another. So when we use the word “neutral” we don’t necessarily mean white (or it’s off-white cousins)! A neutral kitchen colour scheme is one that blends smoothly in with the rest of your home design and décor. So if you’ve fitted out your house in industrial charcoals and heavy materials like concrete and steel, then a cream-coloured kitchen is going to look like a statement! If you’re after a relaxed, neutral look, aim for faded, scaled-back versions of the other colours in your house. Colours like grey-blue or pale yellow can create a clean, fresh feel – leaving you free to add character via kitchen accessories.

Wood, wood, wood

Ok, so wood is not a colour, but you get the idea. If you’re looking to renovate a kitchen and you’re willing to make some serious changes, then investigate wood as an option. There’s just something about the earthy look of timber that makes everything seem hearty. Food tastes better; the kitchen feels warmer. Wood works well with ambers, olive greens, and other rich, natural colours. Fill the cupboards with some good, sturdy glasses, stock up on earthenware ceramics, and your kitchen will be looking like some natural forest getaway in no time!