How to fold a fitted sheet

June 25, 2015

Can a fitted sheet be folded? Is it just a myth? Will these Arro Home sheet sets ever fold up again like new? These are the sort of questions we ask when it’s late in the week day afternoon. Based on our very thorough market research (which mainly involved scrolling through Facebook) we reckon you’re asking this too. In fact, so far as we can tell, “how do I fold a fitted sheet” is probably the great universal question. Are we about to answer it? Well, we can’t make any promises, but we have done our research. Below you’ll find 4 different ways to fold a fitted sheet, brought to you by 4 different “experts”. Give them a try, and if any of them work for you, please let us know!

Martha Stewart

Obviously Martha was our very first stop – her disapproval alone is almost enough to fold our linen. Martha’s video features advice from an equally disapproving look-alike who doesn’t do much to make fitted sheet folding look easy. The word “twist” is occurring far too often for our liking, and the ordinary human brought in to demonstrate that anyone can fold like a pro actually just fails over and over again. This technique might work for the expert, but we’re pretty unconvinced of our ability to replicate the Martha method in our homes.

Justin Klosky

If you lack the patience for a 5-7 minute video on fitted sheet folding, then Justin Klosky’s video is probably for you. 54 seconds. Not at all tricky. The only problem is that Justin’s advice isn’t exactly original… or all that good. This is the sheet-folding advice that you probably could have given yourself. But that’s ok. It’s just one method. Meanwhile, we’ll keep searching.

Melissa Maker of Clean My Space

The secret to Melissa’s technique is the use of a prop: her bed. If you want to know how to fold a fitted sheet, then chances are that you’ve got a bed too! We’re off to a good start. As a bonus, Melissa’s sheet also ends up looking nicely folded. It’s just that, in order to get there, she does seem to be doing a lot of running around the bed and jumping. This is perhaps a bit more active than we’d like to be while folding sheets, but at least the method works!

Jill Cooper

Who is this Jill Cooper, you ask? We didn’t know either until we came across her fitted sheet video and it’s 11 million views. It’s sheet-folding insanity. Jill starts with a 40 second reminder about why you should fold a fitted sheet, which is very comforting and mumsy, before moving on to the actual instructions. They’re remarkably similar to Martha’s, except that it all seems easier, somehow. No weird twisting here, just some careful positioning of the hands and a little bit of patience. We reckon Jill’s advice might be our winner!