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Your Table’s Not Set Until You Fold A Napkin Like This…

July 14, 2015

[Photo via Ashley Rose of]

We don’t exactly have favourites here at Arro Home. We like to think that all of our homewares are loved equally.

That said, we’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for our linen napkins. Something about seeing our designs folded up on a dining table… it’s pretty nice!

To celebrate the mini versions of our Arro prints, we’ve decided to pay them some extra special attention.

Behold: five ways to fold a napkin (that will probably remind you of the 70s)!

The Classic Napkin Crown

You may remember the Napkin Crown from such experiences as: eating at a suburban restaurant, aged 12. The crown method is a slightly tacky, slightly nostalgic, slightly (surprisingly) difficult way to fold a napkin, as demonstrated by the disembodied hands in this youtube video! Shoot for this if you’re planning on serving anything similar to lemon chicken, sweet and sour pork, or cheese soufflé.

This absurdly difficult but very pretty looking thing!

Ok, so, this one is more origami than napkin-folding, and it looks like they’re using paper, not linen – but, hey, who doesn’t like a challenge. If you can master this one then you can serve whatever you like at your next dinner party and it won’t even matter. The napkins will do the impressing all on their own! (By the way, though, if you manage to actually create this with a linen napkin, please let us know…)

The Napkin dinner jacket

Twee + twee + a fine linen napkin = this somewhat ridiculous (somewhat amazing) dinner table creation. If you’re into the kind of dining room design that makes people chuckle, then this is the folding technique for you! We especially enjoyed this video, presented by a very dapper looking gentleman.

A Rosebud

Depending on your level of dexterity the Napkin Rose can either look (a) beautiful and delicate or (b) like you just scrunched up the napkins and shoved them on top of a bread plate. Practice makes perfect, so if you’re committed to testing this out on your table, then start honing your technique at least a few days before. Already perfected it? Super. We think this rose would look particularly elegant alongside a set of embroidered placemats. Something a bit fancy for your evening.

The Flame-stuffed tumbler

If you’ve got a set of retro glass tumblers and don’t want to exclude them from the table-setting fun, then bring them into the fold (heh) by stuffing them with your napkins! This is another suburban restaurant classic but we think that replacing wine glasses with tumblers brings this design firmly into the 2010s.

Now that we’ve gone on a bit of a youtube frenzy, we’re about to get experimenting with some napkin-folds of our own. If you try any out, let us know about it on twitter or instagram!