Living Room Design: Five Classics

May 6, 2015

The living room is a complex piece of personal art. You arrange everything just as you like, spend the week messing it up, and then put everything back in order sometime around Sunday morning. When something doesn’t work, you feel it, because the room is a strange extension of yourself. Considering that fact, we’ve decided to dissect five classic living room set-ups – just in case you were wondering what your home design says about you.

All hail the television

Also known as the “standard modern lounge”, this set up is pretty much what it sounds like: a room designed for sitting on a pillow-laden couch and watching Game of Thrones. You know that you’ve opted for this living room style when all of your furniture points towards the television. Sound familiar? You’re also likely to have lined your sofa with throws, if not quilts and bedspreads – it’s basically your second bedroom. No shame. The living room was designed for relaxing; you’re just making the most of it.

The gallery

This is the curated living room, normally found in the homes of artists, their friends, and people who like to colour-code. The ground will be all floorboards and classy rugs; the walls will be hung with works of art; and the decorations with be sparse but thoughtful: think the occasional candle, or a few tasteful ceramics. If this sounds like you, then you’re probably the kind of person who feels more relaxed when things are in “their place” – something we at Arro Home totally understand.

Basically just a library

Walls stacked with books? Arm chairs positioned conveniently next to lamp lights? Coffee table littered with empty ceramic mugs? If you’re nodding along, then your living room is probably more “home library” than “home cinema”. The furniture in a library-type living space is usually arranged for a combination of comfort and utility. You’ll notice sitting spaces dotted with cushions as well as side tables covered in tumblers full of pens – a thoughtful, useful space. 

The neighbour cafe

More than anything else, the owner of this living room likes to entertain. Morning teas, evening suppers, book clubs, movie nights: the room is a revolving door of friends and family. You’ll spy a strange array of kitchen accessories in this type of living room – pot holders, aprons, and the occasional quirky napkin alongside bowls that are full of steaming scones and lined with stylish tea towels. This room belongs to the people person, but it’s a place where everyone’s happy to be.

Overrun by children

At the heart of many happy memories is a busy home with a living room that is owned and operated by children. There are no rules when it comes to this space – things tend to happen on a bit of a crazy whim. Sheet sets are dragged from the linen cupboard and turned into forts. Doona covers become magic carpets on the floor. And when it comes time for packing up, everything is tossed into this living room’s feature piece: a big, canvas basket. Some might call this set-up a bit of a mess, but we know that’s is really all about love and fun.