tea towels

Are designer tea towels the perfect gift?

July 22, 2015

Buying gifts can be a little traumatic. You start out excited, determined to find something amazing for mum/grandma/your girlfriend or elderly next door neighbour. Then, 2 hours in, you give up. There’s a month until her birthday anyway… so you have plenty of time. But 3 weeks and a few half-hearted gift-buying attempts later, you have bought her: nothing.

From now on, save yourself the trouble and just take our advice: you can literally never go wrong when you gift a designer tea towel. Why? Read on!

Designer tea towels are … designed

When you hear the word “tea towel” you probably think something like: time to get started on that massive pile of dishes. But tea towels don’t have to be all about washing up. In reality, they’re just very versatile pieces of fabric. What do you get when you cross fabric with designers…


Yup, designer tea towels are basically fabric art works. If you buy a simple wooden frame and place the tea towel inside, then, good job: you’ve just mastered the art of gifting an affordable work of art. Expert tip: start by ironing the tea towel so that it sits flat. Then, when you frame it, leave a relatively thick white border around the edges of the tea towel. It’s bound to make the whole thing look clean, tidy, and professional.

Designer tea towels can make a kitchen 

If the person you’re buying for is unlikely to want wall art then buy them a set of matching or complementary tea towels to use as kitchen décor. Sometimes it’s just nice to have bursts of colour hanging from the oven door. If your special someone likes to entertain, then stylish tea towels are also great for lining bowls of bread or scones, or for running down the centre of dining tables. In the right colours and styles, tea towels can magically lift a previously dull space.

But they don’t have to stay in the kitchen 

We’re pretty keen on house plants and succulents, but they can tend to leave a little puddle underneath when we water them. Solution? Yup, the tea towel becomes a teeny little rug for in-house green things. Sure, you can use any old piece of fabric for this, but you want something that’ll soak up the plant leakage and still look good. If your giftee is a real green thumb, then go ahead and pair the tea towels with a few succulents, or even a vase.

And when you pair gifts, you always look extra thoughtful

Designer tea towels pair well with a bunch of kitchen accessories. If you’re buying a gift for someone who loves to bake, then use the tea towels to wrap up some good quality baking ware. If you know they need new glassware but cups alone don’t quite cut it, then pair our coloured glass tumblers with designer tea towels and you’ve got the perfect present! Napkins and placemats are another safe bet, especially if you make an effort to find a set in matching colours or patterns.

If you’re looking for a gift that’s simple but thoughtful, then fabulous quality tea towels are always a winning bet.