4 Design Tips for Blankets and Throws

June 30, 2015

Thinking of buying some comfy new throws and blankets but not quite sure which style’s for you? It’s a real life problem, especially if you’ve packed your living room full of cushions and op-shop finds. When it comes to adding in hrows and blankets, it’s worth remembering that they’re more than just warming fabrics – they’re a part of your home’s décor. To help you make them work, we’ve compiled a few words of advice.

Complement patterns with solid, colour-blocked blankets

knitted blanket yellow bluechunky knitted blanket

Sometimes the best additions to your home are the ones that are sweet and simple. If you’ve already stocked up on a few of our patterned wares, then a warm, solid coloured throw is going to provide you with an excellent base. That way, the more intricate designs on your cushions and soft furnishings will pop. In a space that is awash with patterns and prints, a mono-coloured throw works its magic by tying everything together.

Quilts and bedspreads add simple detail


When your living room or bedroom is low on space but you’d still like to add a finishing touch, then a simple bedspread may be your answer. Go for a piece that’s minimally designed and light in colour, then toss it between the cushions or over an arm of the couch. As well as being a very simple addition to your space, bedspreads are great because they’ll work well in every season. A bit of comfort during winter, but not too heavy in the summer – the combination is just right.

Knitted fabrics can lift a space

ladder knitladder blanket

If your living space feels flat then take a look at your fabrics. Smooth cottons are great for comfort and for making patterns and prints stand out. But if you’ve got a couch full of smooth fabrics then you’ve probably noticed a lack of depth. Knitted cotton throws and blankets will add height and texture to the design of your space as well as adding a bit of warmth to your lounge room nesting.

Colours look different, depending on the season

blanket greyganim knitted blanket

No matter what you do to add light to your home, a winter living room will never look quite like a summer one – and vice versa. In the winter, when light is low and the days end early, you’re better to stick with lighter coloured throws and blankets. Why? They reflect more light back and suck less of it up, so your space will look more “winter wonderland” than “dreary cabin”. If white’s not really your thing (coffee stains are real), then opt for something in pale or faded tones.

Once you’ve picked out the right throws and blankets for your space, be sure to check out the entire Arro Home living room collection. Our range is perfectly suited to doing a bit of a mix and match!