Bedroom Fix Up (Post-Break Up Tips)

April 23, 2015

Just dumped/been dumped by your (not so) significant other? We’re sorry, break ups are real toughie. But if there’s one good thing to come from the split, it’s this: you are now free to completely reclaim your bedroom.


Say goodbye to your ex-partner’s floordrobe of undies and filthy socks, the ground space is once again yours – which, now that we think about it, might be a little bit sad. If you don’t want to spend your days staring into the abyss of your bedroom floorboards, then it’s time to invest in a good rug. It’ll say to your brain, “we’ve started over”, instead of, “hey, wow, look at all of this emptiness.” If you’re super down in dumps, try going for something with a bit of colour.


The doona can be a special part of any relationship – for the obvious reason that it lives on your communal bed. When the relationship ends, finding a new doona cover is a great way to hit refresh and an even better way to rid the bedroom of your ex-lover’s lingering smell (a new set of sheets will also help). If you’d been settling for a “just ok” cover due to your partner’s aversion to colour/patterns/taste, then now is the time to buy something that’s actually suited to your personality. If you simply can’t part with the doona, consider changing things up with a new set of sheets or a comforting bedspread. Bed is a comforting place but, with one less body, it might now feel a little bit cold.


Just in case you missed that last part: your bed (and bedroom, and house, and life) has one less human, now. In that person’s absence it’s nice to grab hold of a good solid cushion. It’s soft, it’s comforting, it’s almost like a torso, and it won’t ever get up in the night to pee, letting all the cold air rush under the covers. A cushion is reliable. This is particularly useful at five AM, which is approximately when your body will be waking you up for the next 4 weeks. Did we mention that break ups blow, and we’re sorry?


In our experience, the end of any relationship always includes a few days/weeks moping in bedroom darkness. When it’s finally time to emerge, you’ll want some reminders of life. Grab a colourful vase, fill it with flowers, and put it on your bedside table. The flowers don’t have to be fancy, they just have to remind you that the world is not a horrible hellscape full of sadness and longing. Venture out to the back yard rose bush with some scissors, or find someone who’ll exchange flowers for baked goods. As an added bonus, you’ll be forced to leave the house, maybe even interact with other humans. It’s all just part of the process.