Arro Guide: Picnic Basket Essentials

September 2, 2017

It’s warming up down under and cooling down if you’re way up in the northern part of the globe! In other words, it’s about to be *perfect picnic weather* all around the world! If you’re hankering for an afternoon on the grass, then be sure to check out Arro’s picnic basket essentials to take the outdoor party up a notch.

The Picnic Rug


It’s just no picnic without a rug. And yes it’s a shameless plug for our throws but this advice is also just true: if you’re not a fan of scratchy tartan, shoot for a cotton throw. It’s 10 times comfier and far more instagram friendly!

A Few Snack Hacks


 It’s not the 90s so, no, you’re not looking at a quiche. It’s Ottolenghi’s savoury cauliflower cake and it’s (a) super impressive and (b) the easiest way to cater your picnic without covering the grass with mouthfuls of quinoa. Of course this isn’t the only snack hack out there! Fly over to pinterest and we guarantee you’ll find your own.

The Drink-cessories


Who cares what you’re drinking when you’ve got a fancy straw? Alright so… us, for starters. But once you’ve got your beverages under wraps, step things up with some fancy pants tumblers–and a few cocktail umbrellas wouldn’t go astray!