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5 Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas if You Can’t Take the Pine

December 5, 2017

Not everyone celebrates Christmas but, if you do, then now’s the usual time to start thinking about Christmas trees. Personally, we love the smell of a good pine. But if you’re looking for something that’s neither an actual tree nor a standard plastic faux, then we’ve got 5 alternative Christmas tree ideas to get you inspired!

This one’s for the minimalists…

Minimal Christmas Tree

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Until you cover the whole thing in tinsel, that is. It needs a bit of colour, but Arro has eyes for this ultra Scandinavian Christmas “tree frame” (as we’ve just decided to call it).

This one’s impressive, but not too hard (it comes with instructions!)

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Who needs crafty tree decorations when you’ve crafted a DIY tree? Sure, it’s a little labour-intensive, but so is getting rid of a big, dead Christmas tree. This one you just remove from the wall and fold away nicely for next year!

And this one’s great for hide and seek


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Just nestle into a corner and no one will find you! This alternative Christmas tree is looking a little bare, which is very nice for grown ups but not always so fun for kids. Want to liven things up? Two words: chalkboard paint.

There’s a traditional hint of pine, in this alternative Christmas tree…


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Pretty? Yup. Realistic? Erm…. maybe? The life span of those branches is almost certainly quite short, so this probably isn’t for you if you like a month-long Christmas tree experience. But if you’re throwing a Christmas party and just need it for the night… it could work! Hope you’re handy / crafty / located nearby to some pine branches, though!

And finally some colour!

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Tape, paint, wood or cardboard. Grab the scissors, Christmas is all about crafting! And, just in case you need them… the instructions are here.