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5 perfect house plants for the bedroom

September 5, 2017

House plants are one thing, but house plants for the bedroom are another. When we were growing up a few of us here at the Arro Home office were under the mistaken impression that sleeping with plants was a terrible idea… don’t blame us, it was a time before google. Anyway, some of psychological scars still remain and so we’re now very careful about the plants we’ll keep in our sleeping place. If you’re with us, then jump on board and join us as we run through 5 house plants that are not only safe but *ideal* for the bedroom.



You know what helps us to sleep? A nice-smelling room. That is the magic of jasmine, sweet and simple.

Aloe Vera


Aloe vera is an all round magical plant. As well as soothing your stomach (along with your sunburn), it’s recommended as a bedroom plant because it expires oxygen during the night. Why does it do that? Who knows, all the matters is that it does.

Spider Plant


The name might not sound familiar, but you’ve almost certainly seen this plant before. We love it because it’s the ultimate plant-based air purifier!


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A word to the wise: gardenia’s don’t take care of themselves, so if you’re endlessly making jokes about your total lack of green thumb then this plant isn’t for you. Otherwise, it’s proven (“proven”) to improve the quality of your sleep–and if nothing else it both looks and smells nice!


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Lavender reminds us of our grandmas, and in the bedroom that’s not always a good thing… but if you have trouble relaxing when you head into bed, this one could be worth the try.

If you’re thinking about buying some house plants for the bedroom then be sure to check out our range of plant stands!